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forms of protest had failed to earn him the results he was searching for. America seemed to finally be turning around for the better. Many aspects of society have become dominated by African-Americans. S court systems are supporting these laws. On paper, blacks had become citizens, with the same rights as all other Americans, but one hundred years later, one can see that society had changed only slightly, and that racial prejudice still flourished strongly throughout the United States (Hunt796).

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Racial Equality In America Essay, Research Paper. These other religious leaders would actually have King and his supporters suffer idly under an unjust law than attempt to bring rectification to the situation. Many blacks were threatened with their lives if they stepped into a voting booth, and were stilled viewed by most of the public as less than human. S workplace on a very large scale. But while a river may not be turned aside, it may dry up, and leave nothing behind but the withered branch, and the unsightly rock, to howl in the abyss-sweeping wind, the sad tale of departed glory. They of course should be able to take time off as they please. Martin Luther King, JR spent his days of activism engaging in a peaceful battle with the white supremacists of his time: a method which he deemed satisfactory and necessary to achieve his ideal. T claimed, especially because the man on trail would probably be thought of as a racist for accusing a black man of this fraud. One such law is known as?Affirmative Action? We must not make these same mistakes twice, as that would be devastating to the future of our country. Frederick Douglass conveys his thoughts by removing himself from the audience. It was nearly impossible for a black to live free in America, and it was even more difficult for a black to find a job.

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