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school principal and is probably the text organizational behavior, divide management skills into three major categories (katz and khan, 1996). Blumberg (1989) explains that the successful principal applies the "craft of administration" by balancing the art of leadership and the science of management to improve curriculum, instruction, and other important elements of school. For example: The Structural Style (items 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29) is divided into two subscales: - Analytic: includes items 1, 9, 17,. Behaviors Organized: The leader behaves in an organized way by developing clear goals and policies which held people accountable for results. Smith and Andrews (1989) explain that "communication of vision is perhaps the most important way for principals to exert effective leadership-to leave no doubt about school priorities" These principals know what to expect for the school and students and are able to infect others with. It will provide these organizations with a substantial association between leadership practices and student's achievements as well as it will insight to raise write an essay on environment protection act 1986 this association, in order to maintain a competitive edge within the other school in the reforming evolutions. A five-point Likert-scale ranging from 1 (never) to 5 (always) was used to rate how often the described behavior occurred. An effective school principal "demonstrates a strong interest in promoting collegiality and shared leadership, an interest in shifting the norms of the school's culture from the traditional to more collaborative ways of working together" (Owens, 2004,. In low-achieving schools, everyone is an island unto themselves." Clearly from the research, the vision of the principal is the key element of school leadership. Understanding the culture of the school community is key for the school leader; to be able to visualize a better future for the organization has relevance for the Symbolic Frame. For example, the central concept of the Structural Frame is related to rules, goals, policies, and task orientations that are embedded in leadership and management requirements for principals.

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Instruments Leadership Orientations Questionnaire The questionnaire used in this study was entitled "Leadership Orientations". However, the same practices and programs are considered as the second priority by policy makers and parents, while the implementation of standards and accountability measures are considered as the first priorities. Practice, pays we will pick new questions that match your level based on your Timer History. The published studies demonstrated standardized, objective and quantitative measures of student achievements, including the state norm-referenced tests, on the basis of teachers' opinions and/or ratings on principal's leadership quality. It was developed by Bolman and Deal (1990) and intended to explore alabama homework help leadership styles in terms of four frames with the aim of determining which of these styles are identified by individuals as most common. Findings of the research on leadership effects have recently been consolidated in a number of reviews and meta-analyses.