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statement thus there is a greater possibility of other subject answering wrong. Both groups were found overconfident but again the professionals overestimated their abilities by large margin. Despite the minimal results, adherents of this model have criticized the behavioral model as lacking quantifiable predictions that are based on mathematical models. At times, the companies have to face major losses because of spread essay for george washington university of false rumors. The mechanism for the effects is likely a combination of both human capital and behavioral assistance. As we know that human behavior is unpredictable and it behaves differently in different situations. According to Samuelson someone who wished to maximize the expected value of his intertemporal utility function by managing the allocation of the portfolio between a high yielding asset and less yielding asset would not actually change the allocation through time. The survey confirms that the herding managers focus on the short term investments' than non-herding managers. People get psychological satisfaction when they realize themselves to be better than the rest and are uncomfortable when they know that the care is vice- versa Self is illusory. As the assets under management of an advisor grow, the universe of potential stocks shrinks.

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These statement of purpose accounting essays forecasts exaggerate the reliability of their forecasts and trace it to the "illusion of validity" which exists even when the illusionary character is recognized. (Lutje, 2004) in his article explains the phenomenon of Herding, and finds out that this type of bias is very common among the Financial market experts known as "Institutional investors" These companies collect huge sums of money and reinvest in other companies like Banks, Insurance. According to Shefrin and statman, prominent investors overestimate the probability that a good company is a good stock, relying on the representative heuristics, concluding that superior companies make superior stocks. Further the Shiller explains the phenomenon of Herd Behavior with the help of drugs, alcohol, cigarette, religion. Some forms of Heuristics are: Prospect theory, Loss Aversion, Status quo Bias, Gamblers Fallacy, Self-serving bias and lastly Money illusion. Market in efficiencies: As we found out that observed market outcomes are totally opposite to the rational expectations and the efficient market hypothesis. The herd instinct allows for the comfort of safety in numbers. Head to become confident without being overconfident. Moreover, individuals who tend to be unhappy make changes often and eventually end up being just as unhappy in their new circumstances. In (Shiller, 1995) "Rhetoric Economic Behavior Conversation, information and Herd behavior" discussed the herding as a bias where People sharing same geographical background, cultural and sociological ideas generally behave similarly. Vref1 titleBehavioural Finance Theory Dissertation m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard.