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NO2, etc. Therefore,people exposed to air pollution. Air pollutants also change earths climate. Particulate Matter: It is of two typessettleable and suspended. People prevent unnecessary gas emissions by using energy energy efficiency. Carbon dioxide is produced when fuels are work criteria burned. Words: 608 Pages: 3 Air Pollution Ways to prevent air pollution.

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If people care to reduce waste, the problem can be solved. Carbon dioxide: Due to excessive combustion activity, the content of C02 has been steadily rising. There are few activities that can be carried out such as planting. Control of Air Pollution :. The ways to reduce air pollution is all based on the day to day choices we make. They can install solar-powered gay marriage social issue essay appliances in their home and job. Thus greenhouse effect is made in the world and many forest are dameged by acid rains.

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