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in Music and English. But other than their knitting bones, theyre perfectly healthy. Perhaps theres another factor beyond the consequences that influences our moral intuitions? Lets consider the Mother-Son case. However, there are many debating cases that cannot decide whether those are morally wrong or not because it is hard to draw a clear line of immorality and morality between those cases. Free Essays 2200 words (6.3 pages) - Foolish Pride in Ordinary People In the book Ordinary People, the author Judith Guest portrays a "normal" family, living in Lake Forest, struggling with many problems on the inside, but trying their best to hide their feelings. After all, pulling the lever does not inflict direct harm on the person on the side track. The Bystander at the Switch case is a fundamental part of Thomsons argument in Trolley Problem.

These thought experiments have been used to stimulate discussion about the difference between killing versus letting die, and have even appeared, in one form or another, in popular culture, such as the film. According to Carl Marx, a renowned existentialist, alienation, as a result of the industrial revolution, has made modern man alienated from the product of his own labor, and has made him into a mechanical component in the system. Is it still morally permissible for her to throw the switch? You wake up in the morning and find yourself back to back in bed with an unconscious violinist.

Thompson and other philosophers have given us other variations on the trolley dilemma that are also scarily entertaining. Again, the consequences are the same as the first dilemma, but most people would utterly reject the notion of killing the healthy patient. Length: 756 words (2.2 double-spaced pages rating: Better Essays, essay Preview. tags: Judith Guest Ordinary People Essays. However, Thomson explains, it is not self-evident that the fetus's right to life will always outweigh the mother's right to determine what goes on in her body. This was a case study. Her primary reason for presenting an argument of this nature is that the abortion argument at the time had effectively come to a standstill. The trolley is still hurtling towards five workers. If there were such a situation, where both parts of Thomsons thesis remained true but it would still be morally impermissible to kill the one because of some outside factor, then Thomsons thesis would no longer be the complete answer. Better Essays 4806 words (13.7 pages) - People term to accept and reject moral and ethical decisions according to the agreement with the majority of the society. The author of this book, Judith Guest, probably titled this book "Ordinary People" to make readers ask themselves, "What is ordinary.

However, its not permissible to directly cause harm, even in the pursuit of a greater good. Variations, now consider now the second variation of this dilemma. However, down this side track is one lone worker, just as oblivious as his colleagues. For the sake of argument, Thomson grants the initial contention that the fetus has a right to life at the moment of conception. There should be no situation in which it is morally impermissible to kill the one and save the five.

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