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Aristotle, Spinoza, Kant, Hegel, Einstein, Gandhi, Nehru, ssel and such like stalwarts who have left a legacy of original truths for us to carry forward the torch of wisdom for the future generations. Its whats inside that counts anyways!

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I feel that I am beautiful because I have a great personality and I like to have fun.
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Whatever else truth may be, there is no doubt as to its being valuable, not merely in the challenges of water management essay sense that it is good to look at, but also it does good to those who see it, know it and act upon. Defining Beauty The word beauty can mean an unlimited amount of things to so many people. It becomes easily acceptable to all humans. When we see a person for the first time, we always start with assessment of his/her physical beauty. That is because the beauty of the truth lies in the beauty of the personality who said. According to Confucius, Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees. Truth and falsehood are qualities that belong to the work of our hands as well as the words of our lips and are often more eloquent to the eye than the words can be to the ears.

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