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into a contract. This finding was in spite of a lack of negligence having been established on the part of the Department. The article 2 of the contract law is saying as a general rule that Cyprus must follow the system that is held in England. I do not think such drastic measures in terms of liability are necessary, however, in South Africa, owning to our expansive coast line, and I am therefore inclined to side with the approach adopted by Joubert.A in Anderson Shipping despite the fact that this. Acceptance must also be unreserved and unconditional. Promissory estoppel is not concerned with facts but with promises and intentions. Defendant claimed that during transportation, an animal had unexpectedly jumped in front of the transportation vehicle, necessitating the defendant to suddenly brake, in order to avoid a collision.

Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements. THE indian conttract ACT, 1872 The. Law of contract is that branch of, law, which.

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The rules as to communication are following: Acceptance by conduct, counter-offers, request for information, clarification of implied terms. Death, death after an offer has been accepted cannot effect the validity of a contract. This is interpreted to mean, in a business context, within the sphere of the influence (Machtbereich) of the recipient and, in respect of letters, when it would reasonably be expected the letter would be collected from the mailbox. Anderson Shipping case is now the authority in respect of strict liability for carriers of goods over land, a number of cases preceded this decision dealt comprehensively with questions in regard to the extension of the Praetor's Edict to other types of bailees, over and. Negligence was therefore in the opinion of the court apparent on the part of the defendant in this case, even though it was not necessary for the plaintiff to have established such negligence, as strict liability was imposed liability upon the carrier, regardless. Lexisnexis Butterworths, Carriers By Water, Inkeepers and Stable Keepers Reference Works, Law of South Africa, Volume 30 First Reissue Volume, Vicarious and Strict Liability, Strict Liability, Common Law Strict Laibility Lexixnexis Butterworths database.

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contract of law essay

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