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MA thesis. The exact aim of the paper and the main research question(s) should be clearly formulated. Following the submission at the department, the topic is to be submitted to PPK. Back to top The structure of the thesis: a theoretical thesis paper Theoretical thesis papers usually follow an argumentative pattern and are organised around the solution of a problem. ELT 615 Recent Developments in Foreign Language Teaching. References : See empirical research papers. The supervisor may also come from outside elte (e.g., a mentor or head teacher but in this case the Module Leader must approve of the choice.

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This course investigates the recent developments in foreign language teaching. An empirical research project applies various research tools, preferably a combination of the following: Questionnaires Interviews Observation Diaries, journals Tests Discourse analysis Spoken interaction analysis Verbal reports Analysis of methods, experiments Thematic and content analysis Theoretical research usually intends to add new angles. This length is equivalent to about 70 000 characters (n) without spaces, with a 10 margin of tolerance. Electives (4 courses to choose from the list below). The quality of the research should be supported by the use of an appropriate analytical framework and argumentation. This course aims to guide students on how to take the initiative over the problems related to language teaching and learning, how to investigate and diagnose them, and how to produce solutions for these problems. Abstract : A short summary detailing the purpose, the relevance, the approach and the results of the paper ( words). This section ends with an evaluation of the proposed solution(s showing that it is (or they are) exempt from the weaknesses identified in the opposing view(s). Below are a few examples for questions that can be researched through empirical research in the field of ELT: What kinds of mistakes do elementary learners make when learning the simple present? Delp deadlines: Proposal to be signed by the supervisor and module leader (szakfelels) or deputy at delp Who to turn to for the module leader's (szakfelels) signature at delp Proposal (cmbejelent) submission deadline at the Registrar (TH) Thesis submission deadline at the Registrar (TH) Mid-March. Sezen Bekta, belma Haznedar Nalan Bab├╝r 2017, english language teacher recruitment practices in higher education institutions: A case study in Turkey. However, at the.