genetic essay

the enhancements that would allow us to live longer, happier and healthier lives. For as many supporters as there are in favor of genetic engineering, there are just as many people totally opposed to idea. For example, making proteins and vaccines because you would have more medicine to cure more people. What is the importance of pro genetic testing? There is also the possibility of injecting plants with bioengineered viruses that would kill of bugs and other creatures that attack plants, reducing or even eliminating the need for environmentally unsafe pesticides and chemicals. This is a question everybody who is concerned with his or her health should ask himself or herself. These cancers could be treated if they are detected at an earlier stage with the exception of cystic fibrosis. This problem could have been solved in advance because after a series of tests were done on this child that, it was diagnosed with what is referred to as the biotinidase deficiency a genetic disease that is both curable and treatable.

Genetic essay
genetic essay

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The process of gene manipulation is unlikely to take place in third world countries, it is mostly a factor in the agricultural economy of large, wealthy nations such as the United States, Japan and Western Europe. Another fact most people are unaware of is that genetically altered foods have already hit the markets and may even be in their local supermarkets. Some code for a useful set of enzymes like the ones needed for nitrogen fixation in cyanobacteria. It involves the use of biotechnology techniques to change or alter the genetic make-up of an organism such a plant or animal. It is also the single most important factor in gene manipulation.

Using genetic engineering we would be able to enhance the human genome. Other medical uses of the technology could include boosting our immune systems, making us less susceptible to sickness, and even extending our life span to over 100 years. To prevent women using this as an excuse to abort unwanted pregnancies, some states have properly laid rules that must be followed in order to determine between a genuine and fake case.

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