essay on importance of voting in india

translated into any Indian language and thus the necessity of learning English can be avoided. The continued use of English in post-Independence era, is viewed with hostility. For example it is difficult to explain an individual who has not gained secondary education that what is for instance the GDP of our country as compared to other countries. In Tamil Nadu people feel that English is very important and should be studied by all the students compulsorily. Yes it is the duty of an individual to understand the importance of secondary education; but first and foremost, it is the duty of Indian government to make secondary education compulsory in the country.

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essay on importance of voting in india

For them, English language carries a disgraceful memory of India's subjugation. The world is developing in the field of science and technology. Advertisements: It indicates that there is a general argument on social matters and that people are confident that the outcome of an election will not disturb. APA, mLA, chicago, importance of Voting. But other social scientists view this differently. In order to understand the importance of secondary education it is essential to understand the meaning of the term education. They see the alienated voters as apathetic who do not find elections a solution to the problems that most concern them. Hence we must benefit ourselves by this language. Since independence, not only the level of political awareness is constantly rising among all segments of population, the level of identification with political parties or leaders is also increasing. Many individuals believe in unnecessary superstitions and dogmas and the primary reason of believing these dogmas is the lack of sufficient amount of education. More and more BPOs and MNCs are developing in India as a result of which highly qualified individuals are required to work for them.

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