thesis on why weed should be legalized

you that it almost ruined their life. If you ever ask someone that has smoked weed before and quit, ask them why. Cons of decriminalizing drug production, distribution and use: New users for drugs. Explore new options and establish a new paradigm in international drug policy in order to prevent the flow of resources to organized crime organizations. . Today, drug laws diverge widely across countries. And third, medicinal purposes, so instead of finding the chemical or whatever it is in marijuana that helps people get better, why not just extract that or synthesize it and give that to people who need. All of the legal, physical and social aspects of not legalization marijuana can affect the society in a big manner based on moral grounds. Gradually other Western countries introduced laws to limit the use of opiates. . Facilitate access for medicinal use. If it was legalized tax money spent on police enforcement would stop growing down the drain and the black market would eventually be wiped out creating a safer less corrupt environment.

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Should marijuana be legalized?
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Should drugs be legalized?

If you get caught with it, your loved ones will be very disappointed in you. Many experts have provided evidence on why drugs should be legal.

Unless you are selling it on the side, you'll become broke. If something has been banned for only a short period of time, then the ban is seen as unstable. I always hear that marijuana does not affect your health in any way negatively. The legalization of Marijuana is a highly heated and controversial issue in America today. They say legalize it because then it can be regulated and create taxes and what not. And your every day Joe, who comes home after a hard days work to smoke a joint and relieve some stress. No matter what people say, the government can't legalize marijuana, as it would be dangerous to society. Some people view punishments as inappropriate and legalizing marijuana would send the wrong message to the public. Before the 1900s, marijuana was. Yes - It's a huge cash crop, can be used for textiles, natural pain reliever, would also wipe out a lot of crime which would eliminate marijuana busts and would ultimately lead to lower taxes because huge sting operations wouldn't be as common. The prohibition of weed is also a direct infringement of our personal liberties, President Abraham Lincoln once stated that, Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a mans appetite by legislation and makes a crime.