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features edit English is a stress-timed language, and both syllable stress and word stress, where only certain words in a sentence or phrase are stressed, are important features of received pronunciation. 24 Hinglish edit The term, "Hinglish is a portmanteau of the languages English and Hindi. The use of catch phrases like. Pygmalion has transcended cultural and language barriers since its first production. Throwing Higgins' previous insults back at him Oh, I'm only a squashed cabbage leaf Eliza remarks that it was only by Pickering's example that she learned to be a lady, which renders Higgins speechless. "The Instinct of An Artist: Shaw and the Theatre." Catalog for "An Exhibition from The Bernard. Higgins is taken aback, and is at first completely unable to understand Eliza's preoccupation, which aside from being ignored after her triumph is the question of what she is to do now. We live in a glamorous world of advertisement. Several universities in the country have introduced academic courses leading to some degree or diploma in the art of advertisement. . Pygmalion (1938 a British film adaptation by Shaw and others, starring Leslie Howard as Higgins and Wendy Hiller as Eliza Kitty (1945 a film based on the novel of the same name by Rosamond Marshall (published in 1943).

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Family-wise grouping OF THE 122 scheduled AND NON-scheduled languages Archived 7 February 2013 at the Wayback Machine. The Indianisation of English: the English language in India. The art of advertisement is, in fact, a modern development. . Syllable nuclei in words with the spelling er / re (a schwa in RP and an r-coloured schwa in GA ) are also replaced VC clusters. The manufacturer, in his turn, wants to popularize his goods before these are manufactured. . There is always a great demand for advertisement space of footage and much money flows to the advertising medial. . 249267, isbn CS1 maint: Uses editors parameter ( link ) Sailaja, Pingali (2009 Indian English, Series: Dialects of English, Edinburgh University Press, isbn Schilk, Marco (2011 Structural Nativization in Indian English Lexicogrammar, John Benjamins Publishing, isbn Sedlatschek, Andreas (2009 Contemporary Indian English: Variation and Change.