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that to go down a helter skelter you need a mat. There were 31 games and food stalls which served mouth watering delicacies. Design a funfair, once they have activated the vocabulary and can remember most of it they can start putting it into a context. Variations of fairs include: Street fair, a fair that celebrates the character of a neighborhood and merchant oriented, (as the word 'fair' is historically defined; that being a marketplace). A boy at the fish pond, the Rockton World's Fair, harvest festival, write a theme paper Canada, 2010.

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Or you could draw a simplified map with four circles drawn so that they can complete the missing pictures. Put the class into groups of four. Give learners speaking practice, provide a short project context for producing a creative poster. The Raffle draw kept the crowd waiting till the end and finally the names of the lucky prize winners were announced. In their groups allocate a drawing and writing task to each of them. .