value of forest essay

stay in their burrows. In cold climates conifers dominate, but in temperate and tropical climates forests are mainly made up of flowering plants. Summers are warm and winters are cold, but not as cold as the northern coniferous forests. The three major forest biomes are coniferous forests, deciduous forests, and tropical rain forests. Forests have many advantages to the life on earth and also we humans.

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value of forest essay

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Presence of forest nearby helps these pollutants to be absorbed from the air by the trees. Looking at it beyond our narrow, human not to mention urban perspective, forests provide habitats to diverse animal species. Have you had your breakfast? Forest are places with dense growth of tress and plants. Forests provide us with shelter, livelihoods, water, food and fuel security. Wwf, how have forests affected your life today? The seasonal and climatic fluctuations are also due to deforestation. They are an ecosystem which includes many plants and animals. Sat on a chair?

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