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World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1993 defined life skills as, "the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with demands and challenges of everyday life. Most people will argue that college education in fields like traditional liberal arts and career-oriented subjects such as business, engineering and science is a stepping stone to success, and I agree because it provides one with broad knowledge, increased opportunities and greater potentials to succeed. Increase knowledge to actively achieve and meet challenges that can produce changes in which are productive for attaining business innovations, political and economic objectives. Building productive habits, then, is a matter of repeating a desired behavior over a long enough period of time that you start doing it without thinking. A trigger is anything that you put in your way to remind you to do something. Why is it important to study the arts and social sciences. The good news is you already have a whole set of productivity habits youve built up over the course of your life. Opportunity that would come from learning as much as possible from books and beginning to see that the world focuses on more than just history and English.

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The research papers on cancer biology idea that traditional liberal arts education at college level gives broad knowledge aims at broadening the mind. This assertion therefore acknowledges my claim that indeed college education is worth having one. Importance of Life Skill, education:. You will enjoy the true benefits of education. Sandy, for example, just does automatic reminders.