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becomes the infinite prospect of connection as well as transformation: this book explores the biopolitical and psychosexual topic of love. Yet interest in the history of sculpture seems to be experiencing a revival, including traditional techniques and production methods, which often appear appealing, even radical, in the age of the Internet and social media. ForensisThe Architecture of Public Truth This book excavates the notion of forensis (Latin for pertaining to the forum) to designate the role of material forensics in articulating new notions of public truth. Conceived as an object-based investigation of four pivotal projects that established distinct directions in architectures use of digital tools, the book highlights the dialogue between computer sciences, architecture and engineering that was at the core of these experiments.

The Logic of Images: Essays and Conversations: Wim Wenders The Logic of Images: Essays and Conversations by Wim Wenders Wim Wenders The Logic of Images Sternberg Press - Books The Art of Seeing Rescues the Existence of Things, part 2 Offscreen

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Kim GordonIs It My Body? Taking its cue from the aftermath of the events of the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, Final Vocabulary doesnt provide answers as much as it captures the spirit of the moment of searching in which the writers find themselves. Wolfgang ErnstThe Delayed Present Media-Induced Tempor(e)alities Techno-traumatic Irritations of the Contemporary In the media theatre of contemporary culture, a drama unfolds: While the human sense of the present is challenged by the immediacy of analog signal transmission and the delays of digital data processing,. Julia Grosse, Elke aus dem Moore, Yvette Mutumba (Eds.)I am built inside you Over the past four years, the art magazine Contemporary And (C ) has called attention to exhibitions, artists, and curators from diverse African perspectives while boosting new areas of debate. As the first publication of her series, On the Table, Charlotte Birnbaum presents Antonio degli Effettis newly translated seventeenth-century text, which elaborately describes the three feasts in all their sumptuous and performative glory. Andrew Lee Walker, Rachel.

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