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file has been reported as broken because: download page not working. Reminder Save your original data file. If you get an error, this is the probably where you made your mistake. Generate a quiz that can be contributed to a4esl. The use of Flash means that the quizzes can be used on any webpage, learning environment, intranet or just a single computer. This includes the ability to enter any number of questions- for example allowing a quick 5 question summary quiz can be created. Step 4: Click the button to generate the quiz. You can further edit the document or you can print it "as is" (minus the answers) for your students.

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nOTE, there should be NO returns before the first line of data. Step 5: Save or print the resulting web page. Ideal as a quick quiz to engage users. Self-study Word List Quiz Note: This will change the above multiple-choice data into a "fill-in-the-blank" self-study quiz as well. Generate a page for printing to paper. Copyright (C) 2003 by Charles Kelly. Charles Kelly's Flash Quiz for a4esl. From this page you can generate a quiz that can be printed to paper or put online in various formats.

To list two words together, contain them in"tion marks (example: "test tube. Multiple Choice Quiz Title (optional Include the date with your title? Read the the "about" page to find out how to format the data.